McConnell Air Force Base - Fishing


Rules & Regulations

Fishing on McConnell AFB is permitted provided anglers obtain and ca‚Äčrry on their person a McConnell AFB fishing permit AND a State of Kansas fishing license. Persons younger than 16 or older than 74 do not need a license.

All state regulations apply.  State regulations can be found here.

Fishing is allowed at 4 sites -- the KANG pond and the 3 ponds in the Krueger Recreation Area, known as the "Windmill Pond," "Bee Tree Pond," and "Teardrop Pond". All fishing is catch-and-release only.

Register for a permit using  Payment and printing of the permit are also via the i-Sportsman application. Payments are by credit card.  Sorry, there are no refunds.  


<--- KANG Pond


       Bee Tree Pond --->







Updates From the Base Fish and Wildlife Biologist

+ results of the 2015 pond fishery survey found the following species on base: largemouth bass, bluegill, green sunfish, hybrid bluegill, white crappie, channel catfish

+ we stocked the bee tree and windmill ponds in April 2016 with largemouth bass, channel catfish, and hybrid bluegill

+ with the help of an Eagle Scout candidate from a local Boy Scout troop, we initiated a fish health study using pink, nylon tags called Floy Tags. We tagged 25 fish for this long-term study.Tagged fish are found in the bee tree pond.

What to do if you catch a tagged fish:

(1) write down the tag number (2) get a length measurement (3) report information here:

Alternatively, you can write down the tag number, and then take a photo of the fish laying on or held up to a nearby landmark, e.g. the fish feeder, and send it here:

Thanks for being a part of our study!

Map of Fishing Ponds




Questions, comments, concerns? Feel free to stop by Building 9 on base to talk to us, or contact:

Laura Mendenhall: 316-759-5765 or or Tina Seemayer: 759-4445,